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3Β Easy Ways to Get Involved in Community Planning

Open Community Discussions

The open community forum on allows anyone who lives, works, or plays in Garrett County, Maryland to openly discuss issues, successes, and anything else! The discussions on the community forum supplement Garrett County’s Community Health Improvement Plan.

Organize Action Groups

Once you’ve found others who share your passions, organize a group to tackle issues in our community! Groups on can contain a specific strategy, host a collaborative space, and much more! The work and strategies outlined in this application form the basis of our Community Health Improvement Plan.

Data Analysis Portal

Once we’ve implemented the strategies in our action groups and tabulated the results,Β our county’s strategic planning organizers will be able to compare data and metrics to determine the effectiveness of community initiatives, and report on our successes. Coming soon!

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Featured Groups

Get started with these great community groups on the Garrett County Planning Tool!

Garrett County Community Resource Guide

Garrett Guide is the new and improved Community Resource Directory with the framework found at Local agencies, organizations, businesses and residents have the opportunity to provide additional detail for information already included or submit new resources for the community.

Walk Garrett

Getting more active in Garrett County to help reduce chronic disease. Coming soon – participate in online walking challenges with other members on!

Improving Healthy Birth Weights

Improve the health and well-being of women, infants, children, and families.

Preventing Youth Tobacco Use

Preventing the initiation of tobacco use among young people in Garrett County – one of the most prevalent issues in our rural, Appalachian community.

Priority Focus Areas

These are the issues that our recent Community Health AssessmentΒ and community planning forum have uncovered.

Access to Care

Access to care includes community linkages, and the opportunity to utilize programming and services provided in Garrett County.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral health encompasses substance abuse and mental health.

Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases and their common risk factors include lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, and tobacco use.

Family Health

Family health is a primary focus in Garrett County, taking into consideration maternal, child, and overall family health.

Social Risk Factors

Social risk factors are determinants of health, such as personal background, ethnicity, and income.

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Latest Community News

Legal and Financial Planning for Alzheimer’s Disease in Garrett County


An Education Program by the Alzheimer’s Association

If you or someone you know is affected by Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, the time for legal and financial planning is now. Legal and Financial Planning for Alzheimer’s Disease is a workshop, presented by the Alzheimer’s Association, for anyone who would like to know more about what legal financial issues to consider and how to put plans in place.

Club 21550 Family Drive in Movie Night

Come out to a β€œDrive-In Movie”! Kids can create a car out ofΒ  a cardboard box and decorate them however they would like. Then, they sit in their cars while watching the movie. You can create the box car at home and bring it with you, or make it the night of the event. If you would like a box to decorate ahead of time, contactΒ  Heather BergΒ  or Kendra McLaughlin at 301-334-7730 . Hope to see everyone there!!Β  If you don’t want to create a box, that’s okay come out and enjoy the movie! Free event! Refreshments provided!



Youth Mental Health First Aid

Youth Mental Health First Aid

This training is designed to teach adults methods of assisting a young person who may be in the early stages of developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis.

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the initial help given to someone developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis before appropriate professional or other assistance, including peer and family support, can be engaged. Developed in Australia, Maryland was one of the first states in the United States to adopt this program.

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