MPT Broadcast – Breaking Heroin’s Grip/Road to Recovery

The Behavioral Health Administration has partnered with Maryland Public Television (MPT) to create an hour long program​,​ Breaking Heroin's Grip: Road to Recovery, that will be simultaneously broadcast over 24 TV and radio stations on February 11th at 7:00 PM The...
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Check out GRMC’s new Grantsville location!

Yesterday, representatives from the #GarrettCounty#HealthDepartment attended the ribbon cutting ceremony at Garrett Regional Medical Center's Grantsville Urgent and Primary Care Center. Let's celebrate improved #accesstocare for northern Garrett County!#GC2020 Β Β Β Β ...
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Public Health Newswire

As the 115th Congress convenes, and in light of the political tumult surrounding the election we have both issues and accomplishments to consider with the ACA. I did my due diligence by writing by own letters and encourage all of you to write and let our officals know...
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What Causes High Triglycerides

Triglycerides are a type of fat found in your blood.Having elevated triglycerides is a risk factor for heart disease. When you eat, your body converts any calories it doesn’t need to use right away into triglycerides. The triglycerides are stored in your fat cells. If you regularly eat more calories than you burn, especially calories like carbohydrates & fats, you may have high triglycerides. Alcohol will raise your triglycerides as well as high sugar drinks like soda, juice drinks, sweet tea and Kool-Aid.

A simple blood test can reveal whether your triglycerides fall into a healthy range.

  • Less than 150 mg/dl is normal
  • 150-199 mg/dl is borderline high
  • 200-499mg/dl is high
  • 500mg/dl or higher is very high


Annie Jr

“Tomorrow, tomorrow I’ll love ya tomorrow…”

Don’t miss this great show at Southern Middle School April 28th and 29th!

Free Jazzercise for young ladies 16-21

Jazzercise, Inc. Announces Free Classes for Young Women in 2017

San Diego, CA – December 14th, 2016. Leading global dance fitness company Jazzercise, Inc. is proud to announce a new initiative for 2017 that supports the growth and development of young women by offering free classes to girls aged 16-21. Dubbed GirlForce, the program aims to empower young women by giving them a place to get fit, learn healthy habits, and find a place they belong in their communities.

β€œLast June at the State of Women Summit hosted by the White House, so many amazing speakers talked about the importance of helping girls as they grow up and a light bulb went off for me,” says CEO and Founder Judi Sheppard Missett. Set to launch in January 2017, participating Jazzercise locations will encourage teens and college-aged women to join the movement and learn to β€œdance their own path.” Sheppard Missett says the program β€œmight evolve into other things, but for now we want to keep it simple.”

β€œAs a mom of two girls, I know that young women confront unique challenges,” continues Jazzercise, Inc. President Shanna Missett Nelson. β€œWe know what physical activity does for us. We hope that offering girls a safe place for them to get fit can help…” β€œso they can become strong women!” finishes Sheppard Missett.

While Jazzercise, Inc and its franchisees have raised over $28MM for charities over their 47 year history, this the first time the company has developed a corporate initiative. Girls who are interested in joining the GirlForce can find more information at or follow @jazzerciseinc Instagram page. Learn more at your local Jazzercise centers: in Oakland at 13227 Garrett Hwy ( and in Friendsville at 947 Community Drive ( or by calling 304-685-4778.

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