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πŸ“£Β Awesome things are happening!

We want to give you credit for all the good stuff you’re doing.Β  Asking questions, sharing ideas and solutions toward GC 2020.Β  If you work for an organization that is already supporting the community through programs, we want to highlight those things too!Β  Visiting GarrettPlan.org and logging in is important for eligibility for prizes and recognition on a state level in the final written GC 2020 plan!

πŸ™‹Β What matters to you?

If you want the GC 2020 plan to focus on certain areas-start discussions about what matters to you! This planning site is the first of it’s kind and actively adapts to your feedback! That is true community representation.

πŸ‘ͺ Tell your friends!

We’ve made it easy to share the Garrett County Planning Tool with everyone you know, simply print off the PDF hand outΒ and start passing them out!

Another way to spread the word is by β€œsharing” our tool via social media channels. Just click the icon on any sidebar to log into your social media account and click share, it’s that easy!

Be sure to ask those you’re referring to put your name in the Referred by box on the sign up page. You get extra planning points for you and your organization! (Trust me you’re going to want the points!)

✍ It’s time for your first post!

Tell us about your passions! When you see text boxes like the one below on GarrettPlan.org, it means that you can post your thoughts too!

Be sure to read what others have posted on your way down! Β You’ll likely find others who share your passions!

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