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Healthy Food Choices

Adults, role model happy, healthy eating for kids! You will be healthier and so will our children!

5 Ways that Play can Change your Day

Hey, EVERYONE, it doesn’t matter how your move, as long as you’re physically active.  Adults are positive role models for children and youth!


Just Like You! – Safety

Just Like You Monitor #5 Portrait

Research shows that positive adults role models have a tremendous impact on children and young adults. Just Like You is a positive role modeling campaign that encourages adults to role model healthy behaviors for children and youth.


Together, we can accomplish anything!

“Just Like You”

“Just like You” Family Fun and healthy behaviors. Melissa Green Harvey

The reading room is on the way!

A new feature is coming to! A reading room will soon be available with brand new story books!  Check out the teaser video below to see the upcoming reading alarm!

Our Children ARE Worth It!

Health and wellness for our children are important. Take a few moments of your time, go to and answer the question, “What is your heart’s desire, vision, dream, for children and youth?’ Our Children ARE Worth It!Children First Prize Winner Announced – Fruit Basket

Children are “copycats” in every way. The Just Like You! positive role modeling campaign was created to remind adults of the impact they have on children. “Make sure that your ‘little copycats’ see positive behaviors to mimic,” said Sandy Miller, Prevention Supervisor at the Garrett County Health Department. “So many kids received mixed messages about tobacco, alcohol and other drug use. We want to help you model positive, heathy behaviors.” displays positive role modeling through a variety of interactive ways. Participants can earn points and win prizes related to healthy behaviors. Pictured above is the first prize winner Elijah DeWitt, and his mother Abby DeWitt, with their healthy prize basket. Just Like You! is sponsored by Garrett County Community Action, Board of Education, and the Health Department and is partially funded by the Behavioral Health Administration and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Copycat Ad

Be Just Like Them! Teams of adult and child volunteers support the Just Like You! Program by recording ads at the local radio station. Kids enjoy talking into the big microphone, and hearing their voice played back to them from the radio equipment. If you are interested in recording a Just Like You! ad, call Diane Lee, Public Information Officer at the Garrett County Health Department at 301-334-7689.

Take a sneak peak at “The Tale of Copycats!”

“The Tale of Copycats,” an interactive, online storybook will be released tomorrow, January 24, 2017.  Be sure to check back tomorrow, and earn a whopping 10 COPYCAT COINS for reading the full story during the first week of it’s release!

Final Chance!

Don’t miss out on a final chance to score some bonus copycat coins for the drawing on December 23, 2016!  Contest ends at noon tomorrow!

Purchase books and read to your children this Christmas!

What was your favorite story that your parents/grandparents, read to you when you were a child? What books did you like to read? Honestly, my parents were older than most parents, and they did not read to me. However, I love children’s books and read to my children and now to my grandchildren. My kids were part of the Sesame Street book club. Have you read, The Giving Tree? Great book for teaching children about giving! Come on, share your love of reading with us…

Copy Cats are on the MOVE as they educate about healthy eating behaviors!

Read this great article that talks about cooking with your kids. Note that it say, “WITH!” The Just Like You positive role modeling campaign is all about promoting healthy behaviors “WITH” your kids. Go to and post a picture of you and your child preparing a healthy meal together or shopping for healthy food items. Get some copy cat coins!!!!


Check out to participate in Garrett County's health planning process! Use of this site implies compliance to our terms and privacy policies. Partially funded by the Maryland BHA and SAMHSA.

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