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What is behavioral health, anyway?  


Shelley Argabrite
Ultimate Health Planner
Joined: 5 months  ago
Posts: 155
02/11/2016 2:44 pm  

In the context of a broad focus area for our community health improvement plan we can think of behavioral health addressing both mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Prevention, Treatment, Community Resources and Services are all things to consider under this topic.

Here's a link to a short article from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration for more information.Β

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Bob Stephens
Active Planning Partner Level 3
Joined: 4 months  ago
Posts: 17
02/11/2016 3:40 pm  

Great response, Shelley. Β It is important that we understand what we mean by "behavioral health" as it relates to the plan. Β It can be confusing since behavioral treatments are used to treat or prevent many medical issues like obesity, chronic diseases, accidental injuries, etc. Β What we are really focusing on in this plan are diseases of the mind (mental illness and addictive disorders) as listed in the DSM V. Β These diseases can be prevented and treated, allowing individuals to have a more fulfilled and productive life. "While they can be treated and in some cases prevented they are seldom cured."Β  (That last quote is mine.) Β 

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John Corbin liked
Christie reckart
Active Planning Partner Level 3
Joined: 4 months  ago
Posts: 18
15/12/2016 11:13 am  

How can one get information on the success rate for clients who are currently seeking help through the Garrett County Health Department and are being treated for behavioral health problems?

Linda Costello
Planning Partner Superstar!
Joined: 4 months  ago
Posts: 70
16/12/2016 2:03 pm  

Do you know about all of these substances? If not here is a place to go. NIDA website.Β 

Don't want to read! Just click the Listen button and it will read for you πŸ™‚

Alcohol, Bath Salts, Cocaine, Herion, MDMA, Marijuana, Meth, Pain Medicine, Spice (K2), Tobacco and other Drugs.

Sandy Miller
Active Planning Partner Level 5
Joined: 4 months  ago
Posts: 36
16/12/2016 3:23 pm  

I was reading your post and want to comment on your quote about mental illness and addictive disorders, Β "While they can be treated and in some cases prevented they are seldom cured."Β  (That last quote is mine.) Β 

True but good to know that recovery does happen and effective behavioral health services help to ensure a better quality of life for the individual and their family.Β 

Les McDaniel
Active Planning Partner Level 2
Joined: 4 months  ago
Posts: 11
11/01/2017 10:56 am  

Just reading that last quote brought to mind one of my tools - Work on the ability to accept the point that people are right where they need to be. If someone expresses the "seldom cured" opinion, I like to find where on the spectrum they are. If it's "black and white" to them, I'll pray for them (God puts a lot of weight on the strength of prayer) and move on. However, if there is any grey in their opinion, there are numerous sources for realizing the benefit of treatment, whether it be inpatient, outpatient, support groups, etc. The first step is willingness. Actually, that's only a very small element. Action, honesty and open mindedness are the followups for recovery. Believe me from personal experience. It's very simple, but NO ONE will tell you it's easy. If one of us is open to finding what works and is willing - We will work it! Β Β 


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